Resume (EN)

Marco Alfonso Ocampo Puente

| me @ marcoalfonso . net


  • 2001-2006, Instituto Tecnológico de Iguala, Computer Systems Engineer.
  • 1997-2000, Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico, Industrial y de Servicios, Computer Technician
  • 1994-1997 Escuela Secundaria Técnica #70, Informatics
Other Courses
  • National Congress of Free Software, 2005-2008
  • National Symposium, Computing and Information Technology, 2001-2005

Work Experience

  • 2015 – Present, Freelance Web Consultant, Administration of servers for several companies like,,, among others. Web development for their needs, and also devlopment of solutions like creation of private clouds with virtual machines and containers, deployment of webapps, continous integration, etc.
  • 2007 February – Jul 2015, Web Comunicaciones, System Admnistrator Senior, IT Manager.
    • Setup of spamfilter appliances, XEN,OpenVZ and Virtuozzo VPS deploy, Dedicated Servers, Email Enterprise Services, Shared Hosting, Monitoring, Internal applications programming
  • 2006 September – 2007 February, IDS Comercial, Network Administrator
    • Setup of VPN, Development, File repository, Firewall and Proxy servers, Internal technical support
  • 2005 November – 2006 February, Eurovestir, Clothes Workshop
    • Setup of Email and Web Server, Internal technical support

Technical Skills

All in User and Administrator level.

  • Server software:
    • Web: Apache, LigHTTPd, nginx, Cherokee, pi³web, IIS
    • Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Resin, Zope
    • DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
    • Mail: Postfix, Exim, QMail, Zimbra, Exchange, Courier IMAP/POP, mailman.
    • DNS: Bind Name Server.
    • FTP: ProFTPd, PureFTP, VS-FTPD, IIS
    • Virtualization: KVM
    • Containers: LXC, OpenVZ, docker
  • Programming Languages: C, Bash Scripting, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, Golang
  • Version Control: SubVersion, CVS, Git
  • Operating Systems:
    • MS-DOS, FreeDOS
    • OpenBSD, FreeBSD
    • Debian
    • VoidLinux
    • Ubuntu
    • Gentoo
    • Fedora Core
    • CentOS
    • RedHat
    • SuSE/OpenSuSE
    • Mandrake/Mandriva
    • Corel Linux
    • Windows 10/7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/Me/98SE/98/95/3.11
  • IDE: Glade, Bluefish, PHP Editor, PHP Designer, Eclipse, Dreamwaver, Komodo
  • Cryptographic: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), GNU Privacy Guard.(GPG)
  • Security: SSH (tunnels, keys, agents, etc), Crypto-Filesystems (dmcrypt, EncFS, etc.), Netfilter IPTables, OpenBSD PF, NMAP, OpenSSH, tcpdump, IDS.
  • Project Manager: Basecamp, ActiveCollab, ProjectPier, Jira, Trac, Bugzilla
  • Others: CMS Expertise; Drupal, WordPress, php-Nuke, mambo/joomla, dotclear, Gekko, geeklog, etc.
  • Control Panels: Plesk, CPanel, VHCS, ISPConfig, ISP-Control, DTC, GNUPanel, Webmin, VirtualMin
  • Office-ware.
    • Word Processors: Word, Wordperfect, Staroffice, Openoffice Writer, AbiWord.
    • Spreadsheet: Excel, Openoffice Calc
    • Slides: StarOffice & OpenOffice Impress, PowerPoint.
  • Mail Clients: Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Evolution, Sylpheed, KMail, Outlook Express, MS Outlook
  • Text Editors: Windows Notepad, ViM, Gedit, NEdit, Nano, SciTE, TextMate
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Browser, Firefox, Galleon, Konqueror, Opera, Lynx, Links, Chrome.
  • Graphics:
    • The GIMP.
    • PhotoShop
    • Pixel
  • Text Markup: HTML, XHTML, Docbook SGML/XML.

Other Data and Skills.

  • Serveral LUG’s founder and member, (,,,
  • New Maintainer’s debian training (
  • Linux internals knowledge, redhat, debian, sys-v, posix, etc.
  • Package Internals, building of rpm and deb packages.
  • Able to work in teams, remote work, XP programming and Free and Open Source Software workflow.
  • SysAdmin México Webmaster,
  • Volunteer SysAdmin at ?Free Community??,
  • Able to give technical talks about Free and Open Source Software.
  • Consultant Freelancer at, Ninja coder, webapps developer, QA, Security expert (malware, XSS, exploits, bug haunter, etc.)
  • Networks Security, wired/wireless hijacking
  • IRC Administration Knowledge, Operator of up to 25 channels, IRC Bot programming (python).